Beautiful, Unique, Handmade.


Hey there! 
I’m Lucy! Thank you for visiting my store and for taking an interest in my products! Here at Lucy Sandals, I provide women of all ages, race and creed, with a wide range of handmade sandals to choose from. My unique designs are not only excellent fashion accessories that are perfect for any occasion, they are also very comfortable and durable!

A little about me: I founded this company in 2015. I’m a self taught artisan: My pieces are designed and handcrafted solely by me, currently from my workshop that’s located in the basement of my Pennsylvanian home.

My sandals are not only handmade, they are handmade with love.  I pour my heart into each and every sole: my pieces are crafted from scratch, with my customer's needs in mind. Each creation is a labour of passion; I spend hours of time and dedication working to ensure that every order going out is of the highest quality. My aim has remained  the same over the years-to always leave my customers satisfied. 

“The perfect sandals is the seamless balance of aesthetic appeal and comfort.”